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The Lumix DMC G3 is a Flyweight Champion

Smaller, Faster, Tougher – the G3 is a Great CSC

Panasonic were the first manufacturer to bring out Compact System Cameras (CSC) and to revolutionize how we think about D-SLRs. However, they haven’t rested on their laurels. Each new generation aims at a different niche and satisfies different wants. The Lumix DMC G3 is aimed at enthusiast still photographers who want a light, versatile compact size camera, but who won’t  compromise on quality and want an old style viewfinder.

The Lumix DMC G3 is the smallest, lightest CSC camera with a viewfinder available at the moment and, whilst it doesn’t have all the functionality of its siblings the GX1 or GH2, it does have some extra-ordinary features.

The 16 Mega-pixel file size offers superb quality pictures and the Auto-focus is super-fast with a particularly good contrast AF for greater accuracy.

The electronic viewfinder offers 100%  field of view and magnification. For those more comfortable using a back-screen, the Lumix DMC G3 has a touch sensitive, fully hinged and tiltable LCD screen, which is very useful for high or low shots. Shutter speed can extend to 1/4000 sec and ISO can go to 6400. With Burst speed varying between 4FPS for full size files or 20FPS for 4 MP files, this is a very versatile piece of kit. The sleek body keeps dials to a minimum, but all the important options are easily accessible.

In terms of image quality, the Lumix DMC G3 is easily as good as most of the up-market D-SRs, keeping fine details and having surprisingly little noise, even towards its top ISO settings. The G3 is also a great video camera, shooting full HD. the autofocus is able to track during video shooting and the lens mechanism is silent. Although it doesn’t have an external Mic socket, it records stereo sound very well.

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