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Lumix TZ20

The Lumix TZ20 is a Jet Set Darling

The Lumix TZ20 lets you travel World and Never get Lost

Panasonic Lumix TZ20

With the Lumix TZ20, Pansonic have taken their excellent technology and produced a camera that makes sharing your images so much easier with GPS geo-tagging. It is amongst the best in category with its 14 Mega-pixel files and remarkable Leica 16x zoom lens. This is equivalent to 24-380mm and the image zoom within the camera can take magnification to 21x (500mm). The 24mm setting is superb – especially good for ultra-wide angle shots. The lens is covered with a unique anti-glare coating. The autofocus is quick and accurate and the image stabilization means that the pictures are usually sharp, even at full zoom and when hand held.

14 MP files are easily big enough to blow up to poster size and it can shoot a very impressive 10 frames per second in a single burst. ISO extends to 6400, though this is not a camera designed especially for low light photography.

The Lumix TZ20 has a GPS unit with a cache of landmarks already loaded,so you can let the camera geo-tag your shots ready for sharing on social media sites. they camera will automatically store the tagged pictures in alphabetical order for speedy retrieval.

The LCD touch screen is clear and bright. you can use autofocus by just tapping on the subject on screen and you can tap to take the picture as well. The 10 FPS burst can be used to produce 3D images – just press the button and the camera will choose the two best images for the 3D effect.